What's Inside The Spring Meal Plan Bundle...

  • 30 Days of AIP Meal Plans, Shopping Lists & Meal Prep Guides 

    Take the guess work out of meal planning and save time with prepared shopping lists and meal prep guides that help you save hours in the kitchen!

  • 4 Weeks of One Pan Family Friendly Spring Meal Plans

    Four weeks worth of simple meals & one pan family friendly AIP recipes! 

  • Full Guide to the AIP diet

    Learn the foundations of healing autoimmunity, a full guide to the AIP diet, reintroductions, and more.

What using this meal plan means for you...

  • You'll enjoy easy and delicious meals that the whole family will LOVE.

  • You'll eat a variety of different meals so you don't get bored. 

  • You can eat all of your favorite foods, but made healthier.

  • You'll  save time in the kitchen so you can spend more time doing the things that you love!

  • You'll have the hard work of meal planning done for you!

& the real value with this bundle is that you can start seeing results!

here's what just a few people are saying...

Keep in mind these testimonies are from the 30 day guide... the bundle has even more amazing content!

I have tried many AIP plans for years and bought books but have found them overly complicated -and with the often crippling fatigue that comes with my lupus and Hashimoto's I would often find myself overwhelmed and already tired from just looking at the recipes! Autoimmune Makeover was super easy to follow and didn’t feel intimating to me at all. I was able to make some great meals for me and my (non AIP) hubby throughout the month following this reset. Favorite meal was the taco bowls and plantain chips!… One pan salmon close second! 

Caroline B.

I was put on AIP by my functional practitioner almost 2 years ago and I remember being completely overwhelmed. All of the information was in a 2 inch thick booklet and I felt like I always had questions for her. After Autoimmune Makeover, I am blown away by how concise and easy to follow it is! On top of that, the recipes and grocery lists are absolute game-changers. Anyone could (and should) follow this program if they’re needing a reset and an introduction to AIP. I’m so thankful for you, and all your dedication to this community!

Katie B.

I LOVE THIS BOOK! Not only is this a recipe book, it’s an entire how to guide for complete wellness! While following the autoimmune protocol sounds intimidating, Michelle breaks everything down and makes it so easy to follow. The best part is that making these changes WORKS. I never had any external signs of food intolerance, but I had lots of issues with indigestion, low energy, and worst of all BRAIN FOG. I am happy to report that I have seen huge improvements in all of these areas by following Michelle’s guidelines. My focus and energy are so much better I don’t even miss coffee! Thank you! 

Rebecca P.

What's Inside the Spring Meal Plan 

  • 4 Weeks of Seasonal Meal Plans, Shopping Lists, and Meal Prep Guides

    Make it easy in the kitchen with all of the planning done for you!

  • Family Friendly One Pan Meals!

    One pan pastas, flatbread, and more! The bulk of the meals that you'll be enjoying in this meal plan are made in one pan, or are simple to make with minimal prep.

  • Freezer Meals

    Enjoy freezer friendly sauces, smoothies and even an AIP breakfast burrito!

  • Nourishing Recipes with Seasonal Ingredients

    Exclusive recipes and more plus some seasonal reader favs!

A word from the author...

I’m Michelle Hoover! I’m a nutritional therapy practitioner, blogger, recipe developer and author, and I get what it’s like to have an autoimmune disease. I get what it’s like to feel sick, exhausted, confused, and hopeless. But I also get what it takes to makeover your life and feel amazing!


This e-book is exactly what I needed when I was that overwhelmed 17 year old girl who just got a Hashimoto’s diagnosis. It walks you through the steps you need to take to makeover your diet and lifestyle, and start to feel like yourself again.


Stop feeling confused, stop feeling stuck, stop feeling overwhelmed, and get finally clarity with the 30 Day Autoimmune Makeover Guide AND the Spring Meal Plan!

Get the bundle for $59!


30 Day Autoimmune Makeover Spring Bundle


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