Unbound Wellness Premium

The premium meal plan & recipe membership created for anyone who feels like they can't eat anything to experience ease and abundance!

Feel overwhelmed and like you can't eat anything?


Let us help you make a healing lifestyle a breeze!

The exclusive membership is designed specifically for you to help you...

Save hours a week in the kitchen

Weekly done for you meal plans with easy, one pan meals so you can save hours in the kitchen!

Stick to a healthy diet with easy meals that you and your family will love!

AIP, Paleo, and Food Intolerances have nothing on you! Eat delicious meals made with food that you can have!

Reduce inflammation & feel amazing

Crush your health goals with healthy meals planned for you, and exclusive support.

Unbound Wellness Premium

  • Weekly Meal Plans

    New meal plans every week that are designed to simplify meals and save you hours in the kitchen!

  • Exclusive New Unbound Wellness Recipes

    Recipes that you won't find anywhere else!

  • Monthly AIP Cooking Lessons

    Video tutorials for new recipes every month.

  • Seasonal Printable Recipe Ebooks

    Including new recipes and guides for holidays and occasions like Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc!  

  • Private Community 

    Join us in an exclusive community for high level support!

What's inside the meal plans?

  • AIP & Paleo Recipes

    Free of gluten, grains, dairy, nuts, seeds, nightshades, and eggs.

  • Shopping Lists

    You may never have to waste time making a shopping list again! 

  • 7 Days of Meal Plans Weekly

    Including breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  • Prep Guides

    Make meal prep easier than ever, and save hours in the kitchen. 



  • You want to save time and money in the kitchen.

    Save hours in the kitchen with meal plans and recipes designed to make meal prep easy. 

  • You want to lower your inflammation, feel better, and eat healthier.

    These recipes remove inflammatory foods, and focus on nourishing foods to help you feel your best!

  • You're gluten, dairy, egg, grain, nut and nightshade free and want to stick to your protocol and enjoy DELICIOUS recipes!

    Seriously, you won't find yummier food than this!

Pricing Plans

Once monthly billing starts, you can cancel anytime.

What People Are Saying about

Unbound Wellness...

The go-to in our family, with my Hashimotos and my daughter's crohn's we stick to AIP because pain is never fun. Hubby and the other kids eat AIP suppers and when I make them lunch it is AIP as well and they don't know it. Unbound Wellness meals are delicious, filling. hit every craving we have and still allow us to keep our gut balanced. These recipes have changed our lives when it comes to food, and I am so thankful!


Thanks to this lady, I now have things to eat that actually taste good, food that doesn't trigger my Hashimoto's. I have tried everything and scoured the Internet. She is the best. Can't thank Michelle enough! Her recipes and recommendations have changed my life!


Joining Premium Can Help You...

  • Have more time to do the things you love by saving hours in the kitchen.

    Shopping lists and meal plans are done for you, with easy recipes. 

  • Enjoy food that you can tolerate that tastes amazing!

    No more boring gluten-free meals.

  • Meals designed to remove inflammatory foods, and help you feel nourished. 


Unbound Wellness Premium

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